Providing American standard Hearing, Balance and Speech-Language
specialty care services in India

RASYA Indo-American CLINIC

is an initiative and founded by Dr. YUGANDHAR RAMAKRISHNA to provide American standard specialty care in BALANCE, HEARING, SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY in home country INDIA.

Dr. YUGANDHAR RAMAKRISHNA is a Vestibular Neuroscientist, Professor (Asst.), Doctor of Audiology, and former Director of the Hearing & Balance Centre at California State University, USA. He earned his Ph.D. in Vestibular Neuroscience and Doctor of Audiology (Au.D) from the State University of New York, USA. He is an American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Doctor of Audiology (CCC-A) and a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (F-AAA).

A word from our Founder

"There has been an increase in hearing difficulty among wide range of population in modern world. We at RASYA Clinic exclusively worked hard and collaborated with US universities to adopt the international standards (American) protocols to Indian population to provide outstanding services and make use of modern equipment and hearing aids especially for pediatric population.

The awareness of vestibular disorders among patients and professionals including medical practitioners is dangerously low across the world. Due to this reason the patients with vestibular disorders ranging from kids to the geriatric population especially above 50 years old are left undiagnosed and untreated, which affects their everyday life and leading to life-threatening conditions in few instances.

There is a need now more than ever to increase the awareness not only in patients but among the professionals including Medical physicians including but not limited to ENT, neurologists, general physicians, orthopedics, psychologists, Audiologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and educate and train them to reduce the conflict of referring a patient from one specialist to other specialists for diagnosis and treatment."

Delivering exceptional Hearing care as a way of life at Rasya!

It's something we strive for, every Individual and every day!

What We Offer

Our specialty care centre offers exceptional balance, audiology and speech and language services to people of all ages at our clinic. Our clients receive professional services from our highly qualified staff of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists. Our professionals colloborate with US universities and other international professioanls to constantly update our services to provide world calss services.

We proudly provide the only state-of-the-art products in INDIA that are imported to maintain international standards and services that help break down barriers that may deter people with hearing loss, vestibular and speech issues from fully engaging in society.

Hearing Evaluation

Our exceptional carefully selected audiologists went through a rigorous training to adopt American standard protocols. Our clinic imported equipment that are not available in any clinic and developed special protocols to suit Indian conditions and languages that enables us to conduct a comprehensive hearing tests focusing pateint needs and their unique requirements such as hearing in noise, tinnitus, difficulty in understading, etc.,

Hearing Aids

We are PROUD to offer patient centred evidence based services to client for their unique needs, meaning that our audiologist are not here to sell hearing aids but to provide your unique needs and adjust them to satify to your utmost comfort and requirements. We offer only tested hearing aids from top international brands and recommend the based on your feedback after a hearing aid trail with at least two hearing aids as a standard procedure.

Vestibular Evaluation

In addition to audiologic care, we are known for VESTIBUALR evaluation that includes measure, monitor and assess the vestibular and balance systems with the goal of helping people with balance problems prevent falls, and injuries and attain a higher quality of life by providing rehabilitation. We're dedicated to providing all clients with a positive customer experience, regardless of age or ability.

Speech & Language

Our team of highly skilled Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists will help guide you in the journey to speak and hear, whether you need to regain those skills, learn them for the first time, or enhance your daily communicative interactions.

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