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RASYA CLINIC - An Indo-American Clinic

RASYA CLINIC - An Indo-American Clinic is an initiative and founded by Dr. YUGANDHAR RAMAKRISHNA, an American Professor, Doctor & Scientist to provide American standard specialty care in BALANCE, HEARING, SPEECH & LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY in home country INDIA.

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Why Choose Rasya Clinic?
Seamless care

At Rasya Clinic, every aspect of your care is coordinated and teams of experts work together to provide exactly the care you need. What might take months elsewhere can often be done in days here.

Patient Portal

Your reports in your hands at all the times. We offer a website portal for each patient to access your reports, therapy plan, hearing aids details, videos and any updates at one place.

State-of-the-art Equipments

We are the ONLY and First to equip all FDA approved state-of-the-art equipment in the filed of Hearing & Balance to provide exceptional services.

American Standrad Protocols and services

We follow the best American University standard protocols, to provide exceptional and latest options for a better outcome.

Discover A Life Rebalanced

RASYA Clinic is India’s First and only Advanced Vestibular/balance specialized centre that provides state-of-art American standard services by professionals trained directly by American Professor and Doctor



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Meet Our Specialists
Dr. Yugandhar Ramakrishna
Vestibular Neuroscientist,
Professor, Doctor of Audiology
Dr. Tejaswini Boreddy
Director of Clinical Services,
Doctor of Audiology
Lenin Babu Bandla
Territory Manager,
Senior Audiologist
Sidharth Rajiv
Audio-Vestibular Specialist
Ghanta Hinduja
Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist
Sachu SP
Audio-Vestibular Specialist


What Our Patients Say

Dizziness, Loss of balance, Unsteadiness, Vertigo, Lack of coordination with Motor to Hand, Swaying sensation... These are very difficult to express to Doctor..

I was suffering with all these issues, Since long 2 year's, everyday getting worse.

My problem is new to every one when i tried to express.
Almost every multi speciality hospital i visited and done with blood work and scans, None helped me not even a mild improvements with medicines like SSRI's, Vertin...etc

- Suman Sai

My mother had vertigo since several years. Dr Tejaswini helped our mother to recover from vertigo. Prices are bit high but no one is able to resolve the issue.

- Srinadh Kumar

We are quite happy about the treatment being given to Vertigo patients. Their patient friendly approach makes patients being in a comfort zone while getting treatment. The whole team at Rasya is a purpose oriented and committed to relieve patients from pain. The set up they have would enable to go to the root of the problem to work out best solution.

- NR Dasari

My sister had vertigo since last few years, went to big corporate hospitals like Apollo, Yashoda but they just give vertin and send us off.
Then found out about Rasya clinic and they really stood up to what they promised. They brought the equipments to diagnoise the issue for the first time in India.
Also first such doctor in India to treat vertigo issues. Dr Tejaswini was polite in explaining the issue. Finally after therapy she is able to lead life normally now.

- Meghana Yelamanchi

I visited Rao’s ENT 2 days back but there is no use then I visited to Rasya clinic as I felt it’s one of the best hospitals for my problem and I can find permanent solutions. Rasya clinic is indeed as amazing place to get health sorted, as I myself got permanent solution for my vertigo problem.
Thank you siddharth sir.

- Ganesh Surnar

Tejaswini mam explained my issue clearly and before I went many hospitals just they gave vertipress 16 mg but the vertigo issue is not solved and in Rasya done tests with high technology and explained where is the problem and taking the exercises to cure vertigo and my issues are curable

- Pavan

Best clinic in India for Vertigo and tinnitus in India. My father had tinnitus and vertigo since many years and went to multiple hospitals, but no one could help. Travelled 600kms after watching in TV and totally satisfied after visiting clinic. Thanks to Dr Tejaswini for diagnosing and treating Vertigo and tinnitus.

- Chandra Chandu

I had vertigo since last couple of years and went to multiple big hospitals like Apolllo, Yashoda and Rao‘s ENT but it didn't cure. Came to know about Rasya clinic and gave it a last try.
After giving the comprehensive vestibular evaluation I had few rehabilitation sessions and I'm now almost out of vertigo issue.
Finally we have one good clinic for Vertigo issues in India for the first time. Thanks to Dr Yugandhar to start such services for the first time in India. Dr Tejaswini also was very knowledgeable and very friendly.

- RajaDheerendra

It’s very difficult to find a genuine clinic for hearing evaluation and hearing aids, everything is commercialised. People will not even bother after selling the hearing aids. But Rasya clinic is something new that i came across with using american standards in evaluating hearing loss and hearing aid fitting and evaluating hearing is something I’m very much impressed with. Which makes me believe it works 100% as it is supposed to be. I didn’t see this option in other clinics that i have visited so far. Hope they maintain the standards in long run.

- Nani Needa

Doctors both very much kind and helpful. the treatment is highly appreciated and satisfied. The problem which I am suffering from 2019 is treated by them with high patience and cooperation given them is ultimate. I prefer who are suffering with vertigo and dizziness , better consult them before going to neuro surgeon or neuro physician. They continuously follow up with us which makes feel comfortable in expressing our problem. I 100% whole heartedly recommend rasya clinic.this is my word.

Thank you rasya clinic, doctors and staff.

- Adura Linga Rao

We have good experience with Dr tejaswini. She has explained clearly about vestibular problem.
I am suggesting this hospital who have vestibular and vertigo problems

- S Kastoori

I am suffered from Dizziness when I searched in Google I seen about this clinic.Dr tejaswini did well everything and explained issue is solved. I am referred this clinic to my friends.

- Maruthi Kumar

I went here for BPPV and tinnitus. It’s very high technology and said to be first in Hyderabad and may be india too. They are very cordial. Dr Tejaswini is extremely kind throughout the tests. I’m very thankful to them. I have also gone for ear plugs for noise protection. Very helpful people

- Maggie Jaiswal

Visited Rasya clinic for screening of hearing loss and tinnitus. They have very cooperative and friendly staff. Ms. Agnes did the screening with utmost care. There are some new options for people with tinnitus, which was clearly explained. It is undoubtedly one of the best clinic for speech and hearing problems.

- Seema Gupta

Best clinic in India for Vertigo and tinnitus in India. My father had tinnitus and vertigo since many years and went to multiple hospitals, but no one could help. Travelled 600kms after watching in TV and totally satisfied after visiting clinic. Thanks to Dr Tejaswini for diagnosing and treating Vertigo and tinnitus.

- Chandra Chandu

I visited Rasya clinic 2 time. I felt better with my tinnitus rather than first visit. Agnes madam told all issues related to management of tinnitus and therapy session is also very much helpful

Thanks regarding

- Nagendar Rao Kodari

My friend mother is suffering from hearing loss, went to multiple clinics earlier but the hearing aid doesn't work after few weeks.
Saw a post about Rasys clinic in FB and consulted for hearing loss. First thing the counselling was very good.
They did comprehensive hearing evaluation which I didn't undergo in other clinics.
Post that they did hearing aid trail and they even did test the functioning of hearing aid which I never seen in other clinics.
Bought the hearing aid and i'm sure this would last long with the promise of frequent hearing aid services that they offer in the clinic.

- Avinash Akula

I have taken speech therapy here under Speech therapist, Mr. Santosh.He is very good at his work. Makes sure that he takes a very good care of you and will give you appropriate treatment for you. There will be in person one on one interaction. I had a good experience here. I have seen positive changes in me after taking therapy here.

- Rakesh Pesala

I was looking for interim help in speech issues while traveling from the US to India and came across Rasya. I worked with Santosh and he is a very patient therapist. The facility is neatly maintained and the front desk staff are very cooperative. Priced reasonably and good quality service. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for services in the area.

- Chitti S Ravi


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